Volunteer Opportunities for 2022-2023 School Year

Homeroom Representative

A Homeroom Representative is chosen for each classroom at the beginning of the school year. The Homeroom Representative communicates regularly with the teacher/caregivers in the class and coordinates parties and teacher gifts. This is an ideal volunteer position for someone who would like a leadership role in the classroom.  Look for signups for this position early in the year. Clearances required

If interested, click here for additional information

Class Party Planning Committee

We need members for this newly formed committee to help plan and organize the 4 class parties (Halloween, Winter, Valentine’s Day, and End of Year) per year.

If interested, please email classparties@oharapto.org.

Community/Corporate Sponsor Relations Chair and Committee

Formerly known as the Directory Committee, this committee is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with community businesses who support the O’Hara PTO through donations, fundraising opportunities, and/or volunteer assistance. This committee will also be responsible for our annual student directory. 

If interested, email president@oharapto.org.

Traveling Art Gallery Chair

The Traveling Art Gallery, or TAG, is a program designed to teach our students about art; it utilizes parent volunteers to present a piece of grade appropriate art to each classroom. 
Commitment: High, especially at the beginning of the year when organizing parent volunteers.

If interested, email president@oharapto.org.

PALS Liaison

This volunteer, or volunteers, will attend the monthly Parent Advocates for Learning Support (PALS) and report any updates at each of our monthly PTO Meetings. More information on PALS can be found here.

If interested, email president@oharapto.org.

Teacher Representative

O’Hara teachers, this is a position for you! We need a teacher to serve as a representative for faculty in the PTO.

If interested, email president@oharapto.org.

5th Grade Day Committee Members

For 5th Grade Day details, visit the 5th Grade Day page

Volunteers needed to help with 5th Grade Day.

If interested, email president@oharapto.org.

Movie Night Committee

Volunteers needed to help with 5th Grade Day.

If interested, email president@oharapto.org.

Special Someone Dance Committee

Volunteers needed to help Special Someone Dance.

If interested, email president@oharapto.org.

Back to School Social Committee Members

We need more members in this committee to help plan and run the annual Back to School Social. 

If interested, please email president@oharapto.org