To Volunteer in the Fox Chapel Area School District you must complete and submit the following four (3) items  to the Raptor System (refer to the school Volunteer Manual for detailed instructions).

Step 1:  Apply and register online for the following clearances:

  1. Act 114 FBI Clearance ($22.60). Register online prior to being fingerprinted. Enter service code 1KG6ZJ (updated Nov 2022 – this public-school code is specific for a volunteer through the Department of Education). Select “Schedule an Appointment” and then complete all required information.  Find an FBI Fingerprint Service Center here.
  2. PA Criminal History Clearance (no cost)
  3. Child Abuse Clearance (no cost)

Step 2: Submit the (3) required clearances through FCASD’s Raptor System.

The district will verify your clearances. This process will take 30-60 days to complete.  Due to pandemic, process may take longer than 60 days.

Step 3: Go Volunteer! A notification will be sent to you via email when you are approved to volunteer. Your clearances will be valid for five (5) years from the oldest clearance date!

Please note:

  • When submitting clearances through Raptor, you must have all three clearances ready for upload. All three are required for a successful submission.
  • Once submitted, clearances will continue to be verified by administration.
  • The submitted clearances must be the correct required clearances (please see “Submission of Clearances”). If a submitted clearance is one that is not accepted, it will result in a delay to volunteer.
  • Once approved, volunteers will receive an email via Raptor. Volunteers will also receive an email from Raptor when their clearances are about to expire. The emails will automatically generate 90 days and 30 days prior to expiring.
  • FCASD does not provide copies of clearances. Remember to keep your own!