Specials Teachers

Karen Fornari -School Librarian
Birthday: August 6th
Hobbies: Reading, bicycling, camping, knitting, sewing and photography
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Vacation Destination: Anywhere in Italy
Favorite Snack/Treat: Dark Chocolate
Favorite Restaurant/Meal: Any locally owned restaurant
Interesting Fact About Me: I bought my grandfather’s, badly in need of a renovation, tiny home in Cavezzana d’Antena, Italy. I am very passionate about family and family history.

Meredith Henderson– Computer Science Teacher
Birthday: October 4th
Hobbies: Skiing, golfing, tennis
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Vacation Destination: Utah
Favorite Snack/Treat: Sour Patch Kids
Favorite Restaurant/Meal: Chipotle Most Needed Classroom Items: Headphones, craft supplies (felt squares, paper towel rolls, etc.)

Shannon Marino -Art Teacher
Birthday: October 9th
Hobbies: Making art, growing plants, buying/selling antiques and vintage items, trail running, yoga
Favorite Color: I really love all colors, and right now I’m especially drawn to orange. 
Favorite Vacation Destination: Northern California
Favorite Snack/Treat: Chocolate, popcorn, scones
Most Needed Classroom Items: Paper plates, hand wipes, new paint brushes 
Favorite Restaurant/Meal: Thai food, tacos, pasta
Interesting Fact About Me: Once upon a time, I was an organic farmer and I had my own pottery studio.

Julie Perrotte -Art Teacher
Birthday: October 26th
Hobbies: Music, Hockey Mom, travel
Favorite Color: Pink/teal
Favorite Vacation Destination: Florida
Favorite Snack/Treat: Dark chocolate, trail mix
Most Needed Classroom Items: Kleenex
Favorite Restaurant/Meal: BJs, Steak, Big Salads

Kara Rohlf -World Language Teacher
Birthday: March 26th
Hobbies: Jiu Jitsu, Running, Video Games, Swimming, Studying Languages
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Vacation Destination: Orgelet, France
Favorite Snack/Treat: Edible cookie dough
Most Needed Classroom Items: Sharpies (colored)
Favorite Restaurant/Meal: Thai Gourmet, Pad Thai
Interesting Fact About Me: I am the first ever to qualify for the out door Track and Field National Championship Marathon event for Point Park University. I qualified in the A-Standard. 

Hannah Roux -Music Teacher
Birthday: August 13th
Hobbies: Reading, working out, drinking coffee, gardening
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Vacation Destination: Disney or anywhere that has a beach
Favorite Snack/Treat: Coffee and anything sweet
Most Needed Classroom Items: Pencils and crayons
Favorite Restaurant/Meal: Curbside Coffee
Interesting Fact About Me: I have two cats, Nala and Dean, and we love a good lazy weekend!

Jessica Taylor -World Language Teacher
Birthday: April 6th
Hobbies: Latin dancing, hiking, traveling, music
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Vacation Destination: Dominican Republic
Favorite Snack/Treat: Chocolate
Most Needed Classroom Items: Time:-)
Favorite Restaurant/Meal: Smiling Banana Leaf
Interesting Fact About Me: I am currently learning American Sign Language.