Traveling Art Gallery

O’Hara Elementary PTO is proud to host an annual Traveling Art Gallery (TAG) program in each classroom at O’Hara.  TAG is an art enrichment program in which caregiver volunteers become amateur docents–bringing art history, criticism, aesthetics, and art-making experiences to our students.  

So how does it work? Essentially, volunteers are assigned one painting from the PTO’s print collection of influential works of art. Volunteers are also given access to a variety of resources to help them learn about the painting. These resources include a digital folder filled with historical information, art criticism, and ideas for presentations and activities to lead with children.

Each volunteer is then assigned 2-4 classrooms (usually including their own student’s room). Volunteers work with teachers to set up a 20-30 minute window in which they can take a poster-sized reproduction of their artwork into the classroom and lead discussions and activities with the students. The combined effort of 32+ volunteers results in over 40 hours of arts enrichment for the school community!

Also, please note that the majority of our TAG volunteers do NOT have an art background.  Instead, they share an eagerness to learn and teach, as well as a belief that our children should grow to appreciate the creativity in the world and within themselves.

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If you are interested in learning more about TAG or have questions, please contact Annie Avondolio at