Lunch Volunteers

Caregiver volunteers with clearances are welcome to help the lunch room monitors during their child’s 30-minute lunch period each day. You do not need to sign up in advance – just drop in when you have a chance. Having fun? You can even stay to help out at other lunch periods too!

For the 2019-2020 school year, the lunch start times are as follows:

  • Kindergarten-11:00 AM
  • First Grade-11:05 AM
  • Second Grade-11:40 AM
  • Third Grade-12:40 PM
  • Fourth Grade-11:40 AM
  • Fifth Grade-12:15 PM

Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before the lunch period begins. When you arrive at O’Hara, please sign in at the office and wear your badge at all times in the building. You can then make your way to the cafeteria and check-in/introduce yourself to the lunch monitors. Please remember that no pictures should be taken at lunch for the privacy of students.

During a typical lunch period, monitors and volunteers roam the rows between lunch tables and help kids when the need arises. Usually students will need assistance opening food items or will ask you to grab them a utensil, condiment, or napkin. Kids will also ask to use the bathroom or visit the nurse. Please ask a monitor for assistance with the restroom/nurse sign-out protocol when you volunteer for the first time. Volunteers usually also help clean the tables when the lunch period ends. If you have any questions about the responsibilities of a lunch room volunteer, please feel free to ask the monitors. They are always happy to help and grateful that you are there!

At the end of your volunteer shift, please remember to return to the office, sign-out, and return your badge. And THANK YOU for volunteering your time!

Any questions? Please contact Melissa Troutman at