Proposed Changes for Dismissal | O’Hara Slated for Renovation

Approximately 35 people attended the November 18th PTO meeting, which kicked off with Mrs. Batis introducing herself and some proposed changes. Click here for the full meeting minutes.

Proposed Changes for Dismissal

Mrs. Batis shared that her initial impression of O’Hara is positive – the school is safe, secure and welcoming.  However, she and Mr. Edwards have observed some potential areas for improvement.  Their first initiative is to address the current dismissal process for car riders. Mrs. Batis, who is trained in FEMA emergency planning,  said that there is currently a lot of  “cross-over” traffic, with students and parents walking in front of buses to get to the parking lot. This cross-over traffic creates a potential safety issue. Mrs. Batis has proposed lessening the cross-over traffic by having car riders picked up from exits on the side of the school. Here’s a sketch of the proposed change provided by Mrs. Batis.


Note that there are two pick up doors – one for Kindergarten and one for Grades 1 – 5.  In the case of families with siblings in Kindergarten, the older students would be dismissed from the Kindergarten door.

Parents raised several potential concerns over the proposed changes. These concerns included questions over adequate parking in the side lot, the safety of children getting into cars in a congested lot, and where parents would wait for students on cold days.  Mrs. Batis will take parent concerns into consideration as the plans are finalized. Questions and concerns regarding the proposed changes should be directed to Mrs. Batis.

Mrs. Batis and Mr. Edwards are looking forward to getting to know parents and guardians.  The principals will be hosting a monthly “Principal’s Coffee Hour.”  Each month will cover a different topic of interest and also provide the opportunity for informal discussion. The first coffee hour will be held on November 29 at 9am.  Subsequent meetings will include some evening options.  Additional information will be posted when available.

O’Hara Slated for Renovation

District Forum reps shared details of plans to renovate O’Hara beginning June 2017.  Click here for details of the proposed renovation.

School Superintendent Dr.Freeman also outlined the plans in a separate meeting with PTO presidents Dana Rofey and Carrie Work.

Good news: The playground will be included in the renovation plans! The PTO will have the opportunity to supplement proposed playground improvements, one possible use of the PTO reserve funds.

Upcoming Dates to Note

  • November 22, Nutrition Assembly
  • November 23, Early Dismissal (noon)
  • November 24 – 28, Thanksgiving Break
  • November 29, Principal’s Coffee Hour, 9am
  • November 30, PALS Meeting on School Performance Profiles, 9:30am, Roots of Faith (Sharpsburg)
  • December 12 – 16, Dollar Days Benefiting ALS/Live Like Lou (in conjunction with District Telethon)
  • December 16, PTO Meeting, 9:15am
  • December 23, Class Holiday Parties, 2:30pm
  • December 26 – January 2, Winter Break

3 thoughts on “Proposed Changes for Dismissal | O’Hara Slated for Renovation

  1. Thanks PTO for sharing this news….many .working parents just can’t keep up-to-date without missing work. This allows us to keep ‘in the loop’!

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