It’s Almost Spring [Basket] Time!

Photo credit: Photos by Danelle - Baskets on display at the 2016 O'Hara Multicultural Night
Photo credit: Photos by Danelle – Baskets on display at the 2016 O’Hara Multicultural Night

The 2017 O’Hara Elementary School Great Gift Basket Give Away is almost here! We need all your enthusiasm to make this year another success. Baskets will be in each classroom on March 6th and will be collected on Friday, March 17th.

Gift Basket Guidelines are as follows:

  • Each class (32 total) will be given a theme. The class is asked to put together a gift basket on that theme.
  • The PTO requests that students bring donations of NEW items (specific to their selected theme) to their classroom, where collection baskets will be provided.
  • Donations DO NOT need to be expensive, but something a child would enjoy receiving. For example, if your child had “Movie Night,” you could donate movie passes, popcorn, a DVD, etc.
  • Begin sending in donations on March 6th, up until March 16th. The baskets will be assembled on March 17th.
  • Tickets will be sold the week of March 20th – 24th. Winners will be announced on March 27th.
  • Each student will receive one free ticket.
  • Parents, staff, and students may purchase tickets: 1 for $1, 12 for $10, and 30 for $20.


Fiore– Super Heroes
Pacheco– Sundae Fun (Think Ice Cream theme)
Peters– Disney
Ulanowicz– Legos/Nerf
Yokel– Cooking with Kids
Werner– Coloring Craze (coloring books, crayons, markers…)


Burnett– Pool Time (things you would use at the swimming pool)
Erdner– Family Road Trip (Mad Libs, Car Games, travel pillows, snacks, books…)
Gumto-Jacobs- Picnic Time
Nugara– Candy Land
Reppi- Summer Fun


Fownes– Fun with Art (art supplies of any kind)
Ferrari-Pampered Pooch
Ivins– Let’s Go Camping
Macura– Movie Night (iTunes gift cards, DVD’s, popcorn, movie passes
McCauley– Beach Vacation


Sirianna– Craft Craze
Buckley– Let’s Have a Ball (sports related balls – but can be creative)
Frick- “Favorite Things”- (kind of an anything goes, bring in something you love that other kids will, too).
Mueller– Game Day (board games, outdoor games…any games)
Resek– Planting and Gardening


Bashforth– Basketball Fever
Billings– Fox Chapel Pride
Danielson– Fun with Science (Mr. Danielson loves Science, ask him for ideas)
Thiebaud– Decadent Desserts (baking, making, mixing, prepping, eating)
Reid– “Kids Stuff” Gift Cards
Jedlicka– Fun with Writing (paper, note cards, pencils, pens, stamps, stickers, etc.)


Deet– Spa Day
Fetterman– Sleepover Fun (things kids use, play with, need, at a sleepover, i.e. flashlights, games, nail polish, pillow case…)
Gruden- Soccer Craze
Ivanusic– Take Me Out to the “Pirates, Steelers, Penguins” Game
Planz– Star Wars (May the force be with you.)

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