November Meeting Recap

Missed the November 17th meeting? Here’s your handy recap. We hope to see you at our next evening meeting, to be held Tuesday, December 19th at 6pm.

O’Hara Makes Significant Gains in PSSA Rankings

Mrs. Batis was on hand to share some exciting news regarding O’Hara PSSA test scores and rankings. We think the numbers speak best for themselves, so here you go:

A full copy of the presentation from Mrs. Batis can be found here: O_Hara PTO Data Presentation 11-17-17.  Mrs. Batis credited teachers working collaboratively across grade levels as one reason for the increase in rankings. Parents had several questions regarding the data, and you may too.  Comment below with you questions and we’ll report back!

PTO Fundraising On Track for the Year

Thank you everyone who has supported the PTO so far this year – we’re on track to hit our projected income, making all of our plans for the 2017-2018 school year possible.  The PTO directory brought in nearly $3,000 in ad sales, and the Chipotle Fundraiser brought in an extra $900. We’ve also received over $2,800 in direct donations, with an anticipated $1,500 match.  Over $2,000 was contributed directly towards indoor and outdoor recess equipment, one of the PTO’s major objectives for the year.

The PTO bank account balance is a healthy $37,166.  After reserve funds and committed expenses, that leaves the PTO just over $5,000 in working funds.

Report from District Forum

District Forum Rep Mary Beth Dadd shared an update from the November 14th District Forum meeting.  Much of the meeting focused on plans for the new Kerr Elementary School, as well as the district’s 5-year plan around projected enrollment.  Many questions have been raised over 3 new potential or in progress housing developments.  Mary Beth shared that students from the new Richmond Estates Development, which includes 168 homes and is a “done deal”, will go to Hartwood Elementary. Two other developments still in the works (the Riverfront 47 project in Sharpsburg/Aspinwall and the development planned on Dorseyville and Fox Chapel Roads) were not discussed in detail as the plans are not yet finalized.  The district emphasized that none of the planned housing developments would result in a “redistricting.”

The Kerr construction cost is currently estimated at $21 million. Repairs to the existing school building would have cost more than that.  The new school is being constructed to house approx. 550 students, based on projected enrollment, without consideration for housing in development.  To learn more about the proposed construction, you can join the District for an Act 34 Hearing on December 11th.

The Eureka Math curriculum was also discussed at the meeting.  Eureka has been used for the past 5 years and was selected from 5-6 options evaluated by a committee of 50.

Member Business

  • Please remember to VOTE on the Proposed By Law Changes.  Email for a copy of the ballot if you did not receive an email to vote.
  • Leadership positions are available for next year.  Interested?  Tell a member of the PTO Board!
  • Members approved the potential need to spend some unanticipated funds to cover the cost of Thanksgiving dinner for 15 families in need.  Teacher rep Mrs. Sherwin shared that the teachers had also voted to allocated a portion of their dress down dollars to purchase Giant Eagle gift cards.


One thought on “November Meeting Recap

  1. Thanks for sharing. The slide on rank changes for Historically Underperforming students is even more astonishing!

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