Top 8 Reasons to Attend Multicultural Night

Multicultural Night is just days away!  Gather friends and family and head to the O’Hara Commons this Thursday from 5:30 – 8:00pm. Here are just 8 reasons you won’t want to miss this great event:

  1. Pretend to travel the world! Use your passport to “travel” to the country booths. Get a stamp for your passport after you have learned about that place!
  2. Learn new games, do activities, try writing in another language, and do so many more things that kids around the world might do!
  3. Have dinner in another country! Vendors from Argentina, Turkey, and Korea will be there to sell you delicious food! YUM!
  4. Be silly in the photobooth!
  5. Watch your friends and new dancers perform during the shows at 7pm!
  6. Dance with the Ibeji African Dance Ensemble at 7:50pm.
  7. Check out all the baskets in the PTO Basket Raffle!
  8. Go home with a full passport, a strip of goofy photos, a full belly, and a huge smile.

For a full listing of performers, food vendors and countries represented, visit

All images courtesy of Photographys by Danelle


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