Thank you, PTO Supporters!

Friday the 18th marked our last PTO meeting of the school year and the last fundraiser of the year with the conclusion of Spring Basket raffle ticket sales.  Thank you all for the making the basket sales (and the entire year!) a success.  The Spring Basket Fundraiser brought in a total of $8,100. Here’s your handy recap from the 5/18 meeting:

  • Mrs. Batis shared rankings from the Pittsburgh Business Times showing Fox Chapel as 4th overall (1st in 3rd grade!).  ohara.PNG
  • The PTO officers for the 2018-2019 School year were confirmed as follows. Thank you to Dana Rofey for a great two-year term!
    • Sarah Shaffer – President
    • Nadine Carl – Vice President
    • Kristina Adams – Treasurer
    • Lauren Mohn – Secretary
    • Faith Moser – Fundraising Officer
    • Dana Rofey – Advisor
    • Carrie Work – Advisor
  • Committee Chairs for 2018-2019 are still being confirmed. Recent planning meetings and survey results identified several new committee opportunities – stay tuned for another open call for nominations.
  • The PTO currently has a budget of just over $13,000 set aside for courtyard renovations. The courtyard committee held a preliminary meeting with several teachers and Mrs. Batis to discuss potential uses. Next steps include meeting with
    Dan Breitkreutz, Director of Ancillary Services, to explore options. Parent and teacher input will be sought throughout the planning phase (additional information to follow).
  • Outdoor recess was also a hot topic at the meeting. There is consensus among parents, lunch and recess monitors, teachers and administration that outdoor recess is preferable to indoor recess, but poor weather and some limitations due to construction frequently kept students inside this year. The PTO will continue to work with administration to explore options to provide physical activity during the school day when outdoor recess is not possible. Potential policy changes will also be investigated.
  • An interim budget for projected spending between June 30 (the end of the PTO year) and September 20 (the next PTO meeting) was presented and approved by members present.

Thank you again for your support this year!  The Board will be working over the summer, so expect to hear more from us throughout the coming months.

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