Student Voices Needed – Recess Items

Hello O’Hara families! We hope your summer is going well!!!  While it’s hard to think about indoor recess days when the sun is shining and our kiddos are living outdoors, the PTO is getting ready for rainy days ahead.  Please ask your students what they would like to see in the indoor recess bins. What were their favorite items last year??

While you’re at it – ask what we need more of for OUTDOOR recess (where we hope to be a much as possible throughout the year)!  We’re gearing up for a great year ahead. Comment below, please! 


Indoor bins.png


17 thoughts on “Student Voices Needed – Recess Items

  1. Outdoor- balls!! My son said everyone fights over them because there isn’t enough ha, and more hoola hoops
    Indoor- board games

  2. My son says his favorite indoor item was the floor hockey set, and he was always disappointed when his bin didn’t have one. I’d also echo the comments about balls for outdoors – my son and his friends love playing ball and that’s always what they want to do at recess time.

  3. Decks of playing cards, Search and find pages (could copy pages out of books) – word searches and also the kind of searches in where’s Waldo books, Uno, board games

  4. Katie says…deck of cards,paper and markers for indoor recess and balls (lots don’t have air in them) outdoor . bean bag toss game.
    Thanks, Sarah

  5. Outdoor: definitely more balls of all kinds, Frisbees, jump ropes, double dutch jump ropes, Chinese jump ropes, hula hoops, chalk, cornhole/bean bag toss, turtle racers – a lot so kids can race each other (, pogo balls (, outdoor/large versions of games like checkers, tic tac toe, and chess. My son also wants more outdoor recess, feels like they have indoor recess too much.

    Indoor: playing cards (multiple sets per bin), indoor floor hockey sets, checkers/chess sets and other age appropriate games for each grade, more indoor activities that allow kids to move around such as teeter poppers /balance boards (they go by several names, but something along these lines:, magnatiles and/or other building/construction toy sets such as marble racer tracks (,4181971&gtim=COazuIznwKitjgEQgvKaw8r45faaARjApsMWIgNVU0QokI742wU&utm_campaign=118724597)

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