2019 Spring Basket Raffle

The 2019 O’Hara Elementary School Spring Basket Fundraiser is here! This fundraiser is an annual favorite for students, staff and parents alike. It’s also O’Hara PTO’s largest fundraiser – last year we raised close to $9,000!  Money raised helps the PTO fund teacher stipends, assemblies, courtyard improvements, and more.

How it works: 

Students in each class contribute items based on a set theme, and then PTO volunteers assemble the baskets.  The baskets will be on display in the Commons Area the week of April 1 – 5, during which time students can purchase raffle tickets from PTO volunteers at school.  Tickets will also be on sale in the evening during the April 2 Showcase Night. Kindergarten families may also purchase tickets at the March 22nd Seuss on the Loose performance. Each student receives one free ticket for a chance to win the basket of their choosing. Basket winners are randomly drawn on April 5th after school, and winners are notified by email.

How to Help: 

  • Begin sending in donations NOW through March 21st
    • The PTO requests that students bring donations of NEW items (specific to their selected theme as listed below) to their classroom, where collection baskets will be provided. The deadline to donate items is March 21st
    • Donations DO NOT need to be expensive, but something a child would enjoy receiving. For example, If your child has “Craft Craze,” you could send in Popsicle sticks, glue, pipe cleaners, etc.
  • Purchase Raffle Tickets the week of April 1st through April 5th*
    • Each student will receive one free ticket.
    • Parents, staff, and students may purchase additional tickets during the school day (8:40am – 3:45pm): 1 for $1, 12 for $10, and 30 for $20.  Cash and checks payable to OEPTO are accepted.
    • Students will need to write their name (first and last) and their homeroom teacher’s name on the back of each ticket.
      • Kindergarten Families: One thing that we have noticed in the past is that our Kindergarten students need a little extra time to write their name and their homeroom teacher’s name on their tickets. Our hope is that they bring their tickets home to write their name and their teacher’s name on each ticket, they then can put the tickets in the baskets the next morning.  We will be providing plastic bags (grab and go bags) for students to keep their tickets together for the trip home and back to school. We thank you for helping us make the experience easier for the younger students at the school. Kindergarten families will also be able to purchase tickets before and after the March 22nd performance of Seuss on the Loose. 
    • Winners will be announced on April 5th via email.
  • Volunteer to assemble Baskets on March 21st
  • Volunteer to Sell Raffle Tickets (3/22, 4/1 – 4/5) 

Spring Basket Themes:


  • Fiore- Disney Magic (All things Disney)
  • Kelly-Dinosaurs (ideas: puzzles, figurines, fossils, museum passes…)
  • Pacheco- Nerf and Legos
  • Ulanowicz- Super Heroes (for boys and girls)
  • Yokel- Sundae Fun (Think Ice Cream theme)
  • Phillips- Coloring Craze (coloring books, crayons, markers…)

First Grade

  • Burnett- Pool Time (things you would use at the swimming pool)
  • Erdner- Squishies and Blind Bags Galore !!! (blind bags for boys and girls)
  • Gumto- Fun with Art (art supplies of any kind)
  • Nugara- Cooking With Kids
  • Sacriponte- Summer Fun (things kids use in the summer)

Second Grade

  • Fownes- Candy Land (all things sweet….think beyond candy…books, games, etc.)
    Ferrari- Pampered Pooch
    Ivins- Spa and Relaxation Day
    McCauley- Camping with Kids
    Peters- We Love Slime (a popular student request)

Third Grade

  • Sirianna- Basketball Fever
  • Lagnese- Let’s Have a Ball (sports related balls – but can be creative)
  • Frick- These are a Few of My Favorite Things (miscellaneous basket of kids’ favorite things)
  • Danielson- Game Day (board games, outdoor games…any games)
  • Werner- Planting and Gardening with Kids

Fourth Grade

  • Hong- Decadent Desserts (baking, making, mixing, prepping, eating)
  • Lauterbach- Craft Craze
  • Abati- Fun with Science and STEM (games, kits, Kids Labz, Kinetic Sand, etc.)
  • Thiebaud- Fun with Writing (paper, note cards, pencils, pens, stamps, stickers, etc.)
  • Jedlicka- “Kids Stuff” Gift Cards

Fifth Grade

  • Dinga- Soccer Craze
  • Fetterman- I Love Eating Out!! Gift Cards
  • Mueller- Get Fit (anything that has to do with fitness, fun, exercise, sports…)
  • Ivanusic- Take Me Out to the “Pirates, Steelers, Penguins” Game
  • Planz- Harry Potter is Magical

Big Kid Baskets!

In addition to the class theme baskets, there are several “Big Kid” baskets that will be up for raffle, including:

  • Seven Springs Lift and Rental for Four
  • Seven Springs Snow Tubing for Four
  • Seven Springs Golf for Four
  • Seven Springs Overnight Lodging for Four
  • Hidden Valley Golf for Four
  • Hidden Valley Snow Tubing for Four
  • Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Tickets for Four
  • Free Week at Camp Deer Creek
  • Membership for Lauri Ann West Community Center
  • Steelers Surprise

Parents are welcome to sign in to view baskets and purchase tickets. Anyone without clearances will need escorted by a staff member.  Tickets will also be on sale in the evening during the April 2 Showcase Night (5pm – 7pm). 

We appreciate the support and participation of all the families and students with this fundraiser.

If you have any questions, please comment below or email the Spring Basket Fundraiser Co-chairs:



Spring Baskets

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